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Project Description
The ContentLink webpart works like the SharePoint ContentEditor webpart in ContentLink mode, but does not require you to configure anonymous access. ContentLink is useful for showing common content stored in a central document library for use across different site-collections.

Use the ContentLink property to set a server relative or absolute URL of the linked content to show. The user must of course have at least read-access to the document library where the linked content is stored. Note that the web-part is not suitable for solution gallery/sandboxed deployment due to the use of web request.

This Puzzlepart web-part will work for retrieving linked content from other web-applications and site-collections even if anonymous access is not turned on. It also works when anonymous access is turned on, when the anonymous web-application policy is "no policy", "deny write" or "deny all". The code use the default credentials of the user when making the web request.

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